In the mid-1800s, on what is now the building site, lay East Tennessee’s first baseball field. In fact, the third base line ran right through the site as Gay street onlookers cheered on Union and Confederate opponents. The site also hosted many circuses and other spectacles as its extreme elevation drop-off made for natural amphitheater seating along Gay street. The Penney’s building is composed of three buildings that were constructed in 1898 after a fire destroyed the entire block in 1897. JC Penney occupied the two southern buildings and the Federal Bakery operated out of the northern building until JC Penney combined the buildings and operated until 1980. JC Penney, himself, visited the building frequently. The property had been vacant from 1980 on and fell into great despair until the partnership of Hatcher-Hill and Associates GP was formed in 2013. That’s where Maple Hall’s story really took off. Greg and Kevin signed the lease for the basement space in 2013 and together with an amazing team of engineers, architects, designers, and contractors have built one of the most unique urban experiences in the country. Come enjoy Maple Hall’s spirited bowling experience that’s unlike anything you’ve been to.